Blueworks Live Integration Setup for Quick Process Builder


  • IBM Process Designer with BPM UI, v8.5.7 CF201706, 8.6.0 and 8.6.1


  • Blueworks Live Integration is provided as add on functionality to SPARK Quick Process Builder.  If you are interested in a free trial of QPB, register here
  • Customers with a Paid Subscription to SPARK Quick Process Builder may download the Blueworks Live Integration Management application here
  • In the Process Apps pane of Process Center, click on Import Process App on the right.        ImportProcessApp.PNG
  • In the file browser, navigate to where you downloaded the Blueworks Live Integration Management Process Application .twx file. Click OK once the file has been selected.  
  • Click OK to import the Blueworks Live Integration Management PA and corresponding toolkit.
  • Blueworks Live Integration relies on being able to capture and store a BWL user's account information in order to interact with the BWL service and display available artifacts.  A database schema will need to be installed on the server to capture these credentials.  Once the BWL Management Process Application has been installed, open the corresponding Process Portal. Click Show More in the Dashboards panel to expose the Blueworks Live - Manage Access startable service.
  • Click the BPM Extension Schema tab and then click Create Schema Extension. A confirmation message display when the operation has finished
  • As the Blueworks Live Integration Management application will need to communicate with an external server, a System Administrator will need to import the Blueworks Live signer certificate into the BPM Server using this application.  Under Security, click SSL certificate and key management
  • Click Key Stores and Certificates under related items
  • Select the Cell Default Trust Store
  • Click Signer Certificates under Additional Properties
  • Click Retrieve from port
  • Enter the information for the server and click Retrieve signer information
  • Apply the retrieved certificate and Save the configuration changes
  • In Process Portal, click on the Blueworks Live Global Credentials tab of the Blueworks Live - Manage Access service
  • Input your credentials and click save.  Be sure you have your correct user name and password as Blueworks Live will lock your account after three unsuccessful attempts.  If your account is locked, you will need to reset the password through before continuing.  If you're having trouble finding your account token, log into and click the i next to your account name.  The Welcome screen will tell you which account you are logged in to
  • After confirming your account information, click the Test button.  A confirmation message will be displayed upon a successful connection test
  • With the Blueworks Live Integration Management Application now successfully configured, each subsequent user will now be able to launch the Blueworks Live -Set User Credentials service, input his or her own credentials, Save and Test the connection.  Once these credentials are saved, the user will be able to access artifacts in Blueworks Live, import process diagrams into Quick Process Builder, modify fields and steps, and have a working installed process application within a couple of hours.
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