Pass Through Formula Scripting using Configuration Options

I am creating a composite coach view where I want to have the value of a text control set to the result of some formula that is driven from the parent view or page.  

In my example, I am going to pass a color such as "Red" or "Blue" to the text control to be displayed along with any other result of the formula.  

To accomplish this, I have created the "Pass Through Example CV"  

Configuration Option

In the Variables tab, add a configuration option called "color"


Add a Text control. Label it "Passed Through Value" and in the Formula > Text Expression configuration, bind it to your "color" variable created above.

Now to demonstrate the parent calling this composite coach view. I have created "Pass Through Example CV TH"

Add a Text control. Label it "Set Color" . This is just a UI control and this is all you have to do for it!

Note the control id. In this example it is Text1 since it is the only text control.

Add the composite coach view "Pass Through Example CV"

Pass Through

In the configuration options Pass Through > color set up your formula

To set up the formula, I put the follow line of JavaScript  

${../Text1}.getText() ? ${../Text1}.getText() + " was passed through" : "" 

Which, if there is a value for the Text1 control, it will add " Passed Through" to set the value of the "Passed Through Value" control, otherwise it will not display anything.  

We could have just as easily just set the value of the "Passed Through Value" control equal to the "Set Color" control, but this demonstrates the fact that we have actually set up a formula [value] and it was "passed through"   


With the above formula set up, if I type "Blue" into the text box, once the "On Change" event fires, it will automatically update the value of the "Passed Through Value" control because we have a formula referencing it.  

In this case, all our configuration option Pass Through > color is doing is passing the text we have entered at design time to the control that will actually evaluate the formula we have entered above. Hence, it is a "Pass Through" configuration option.  


  • Author: Rackley Boren
  • Date Created: June 2, 2016
  • Date Modified: June 2, 2016
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