Task UI Frame

The Task UI Frame control allows the user to view and take action on a task and comes with easy to configure appearance and behavior options. The Task List control lists the tasks, and the Task UI Frame control displays the selected task.

Like all Portal Builder controls, you can trigger events that are fired when the user interacts with the control (see the Event and Methods sections below and the Event Handling article for more information).



Style of Content The specified style of the frame.  The name of the CSS file, the type, and the app acronym

     Css file Name of the CSS file

     Css Type Web, External, Server, Design 

     App acronym The Process App acronym, e.g.   

Width The width of the frame, e.g 50px, 100%, default unit is in px if not specified

Height The height of the frame, e.g 50px, 100%, default unit is in px if not specified


Navigate On Task Closed Will have the control fire a boundary event when the frame is closed


 Here are the Task List configuration option settings...

Note: The Control Id of the Task UI Frame is Task_UI_Frame1

The Task UI Frame configuration option settings...


When the page first loads...

When a task is selected, that task is displayed...



With the Task UI Frame control, there are 5 types of event handlers:

  • On Load When the page loads, Note that this particular event is only fired ONCE per page load
  • On Task Open When a task is opened
  • On Task Closed When a task is closed
  • On Task Unavailable When a task is not available
  • On Status Changed When the status of a task has changed

You can use JavaScript logic to affect the effects of the control, depending on the event. More information on using these controls can be found in the Event Handling article. 


For detailed information on the available methods for this control, access the JS Doc file.


  • Author: Courtney Silva
  • Date Created: February 19, 2016
  • Date Modified: March 1, 2016
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