Service List

The Service List control allows the Portal user to see certain information regarding Heritage or Client-Side Human Services.  The Service List control is customizable, and can display information such as: Name, Process App Name, Top Level Toolkit Name, Snapshot Name, and much more.

The Service List control comes with many easy to configure columns, query, behavior, performance, appearance, client-side searching, client-side sorting, and client-side paging options.

Like all Portal Builder controls, you can trigger events that are fired when the user interacts with the control (see the Event and Methods sections below and the Event Handling article for more information).


Columns The columns that the table displays

     Column Label Specify the name of the column

     Type Show what data is displayed, e.g. BPD Name, Task Activity Name,                           Assigned To User, Assigned To Role, etc.     

     Clickable Allows for the column a clickable link

     Sortable Allows client-side sorting on the column

     Invisible Hides the column

     Format as Default, Text, Integer, Decimal, Date, Boolean, Custom

     Format options e.g. "datePattern": "yyyy/MM/dd"

     Width Specifies the width of the column, e.g. 150px. 100% Note: default unit                   is px

     Css Allows for specification of a specific CSS class, e.g. font-weight:bold;                       color:red


This section allows you to specify the query which is run against the returned list to further filter it.


Start Empty  Leave the result list empty upon initial load

Include Startable Include startable services in results

Include Dashboard Include dashboard services in results

Include Administrative Include admin services in results

Include Exposed as URL Include services that are exposed as URLs

Include Not Exposed Include services that aren't exposed anywhere


Show Footer Show table footer

Show Table Stats i.e., how many results are being displayed out of the total number of results. Requires table footers to be enabled


Use Async Loading Load results asyncronously

Async Batch Size Number of results to load at a time when async loading is enabled


Color Style

Table Style Default, Elegant, Bordered, Striped, Hover Row, Condensed

Width Width of the table, e.g. 500px, 80%, 20em, etc.

Height Height of the table, e.g. 500px, 20em, etc.

Client-Side Searching

Enable Searches When TRUE allows for searches against the table

Allow Wildcards When TRUE allows wildcards in searches

Case Insensitive Search When TRUE any search is case-insensitive

Client-Side Sorting

Enable Sorting Enable to sort results

Initial Sort Index Index of the column to initially sort on

Initial Sort Ascending If selected, initial sort will be ascending, otherwise intial sort will descend

Client-Side Paging

Enable Enable pagination

Show Pager Show the table pager

Page Size Number of results to include per-page

Show Page Sizer Allow users to change the number of results displayed per page


These are the configuration option settings...


This is the result...


With the Service List control, there are 4 types of event handlers:

  • On Load When the page loads, Note that this particular event is only fired ONCE per page load
  • On Refresh When the Service List control is refreshed
  • On New Cell When there is a new cell (In order for this event to work, the developer needs to create a custom render)
  • On Item Click When an item in a cell is clicked

You can use JavaScript logic to affect the effects of the control, depending on the event. More information on using these controls can be found in the Event Handling article. 


For detailed information on the available methods for this control, access the JS Doc file.


  • Author: Courtney Silva
  • Date Created: February 16, 2016
  • Date Modified: February 16, 2016
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