BPM File List (deprecated)

The BPM File List control (now contained in the Content Management Toolkit) lists uploaded files either from the BPM File Uploader or BPM File Dropzone controls.

Like almost all SPARK controls, you can trigger events that are fired when the user interacts with the control (see the Event and Methods sections below and the Event Handling article for more information).

Content Management

Allow Document Deletions Ability to delete files from list

Confirm On Deletion Alert asking for confirmation to delete file

Max Results Maximum number of files that are listed per page

Show All Versions Show all file versions

Associate w/ Process Instance When checked (true) the documents to be uploaded will be associated with the current process instance, otherwise (false) the document will not be associated with the current process instance.

Match Rule None, All Properties, Any Property

Filter When uploading files using the BPM File Uploader or BPM File Dropzone you can name Upload Properties; for example: Name: Prop1 and Value: Value1, this tells the BPM File List to only show files with these properties when the same information is entered in the Filter table.


Table Style Default, Elegant, Bordered, Striped, Hover Row, Condensed

Color Style

Width Width in px, %, em; for example: 50px, 20%, 0.4em. If no unit is specified, px is assumed

Height Height in px, %, em; for example: 50px, 20%, 0.4em. If no unit is specified, px is assumed


Label Desired Optional label for column name

Field Select from dropdown list of available options; for example: if you want the files in the list to show as thumbnails, select the Thumbnail option

Sortable When selected the column is sortable

Width Width of column in %, px, or em

Options Optional formatting using already created objects; for example: "datePattern":"yyyy-MM-dd"

more info on various options



type {check|text|icon}

if type is "text"

                trueValue {String}

                falseValue {String}

if type is "icon"

                trueValue {String} <-- font awesome icon name (gear|bell|...)

                falseValue {String}          




decimalPlaces : 2,

decimalSeparator : "."

thousandSeparator : ","

prefix: "$"

postfix: "%"




thousandSeparator: ","










href: <actual url>

Css Configure a specific column with styles.  For example: white-space: nowrap or background-color:#00ff00


These are the configuration option settings...

Note:  The BPM File List will list the files that are dropped onto the BPM File Dropzone since the BPM File Dropzone On Upload Complete event is set to: ${BPM_File_List1}.refresh();

This is the result before a file has been dropped onto the BPM File Dropzone...

And this is the result after dropping a file onto the BPM File Dropzone...


With the BPM File List Control, there are 5 types of event handlers:

  • On Load When the page loads
  • On File Clicked When a file is clicked (only works if doc title is set to clickable)
  • On Document Deleted When a file is deleted
  • On Refreshed When refreshed
  • On Refresh Error When there is a refresh error

You can use JavaScript logic to affect the effects of the control, depending on the event. More information on using these controls can be found in the Event Handling article.


For detailed information on the available methods for this control, access the JS Doc file.

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