The Stack section is similar to the Tab section, however only one pane (tab) displays at any time.

During runtime, the users do not get to select the pane. The primary use of this control is for the developer to set the conditions, and depending on those conditions – a specific pane is showed to the user to interact with.

The Stack section is meant to have other controls nested inside of it.

This section is most commonly used when wanting controls to be placed in panes.


Default Pane Index 0-based index for the pane to show by default. If this value is not specified and if the data binding is not specified, defaults to 0. Use -1 to show no pane at all.


This example shows the Stack section being used in conjunction with three Radio Button controls.  Using the setCurrentPane method in the Radio Buttons On Selected Event, the user is able to select the desired pane.

Note:  Inside of each pane in the Stack section has a Panel section which holds the other controls.

Each Radio Button control uses the setCurrentPane method to select the desired pane

This is the result...

Note: Only one pane is displayed at a time


For detailed information on the available methods for this control, access the JS Doc file.

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