What documentation is available for the SPARK UI Toolkit?

There are 4 primary sources of documentation for the SPARK UI Toolkit:

  1. The toolkit controls themselves are "self documenting." Just hover over configuration option labels in your Process Designer to get helpful hints on how to configure controls.
  2. Every control in the SPARK UI toolkit has it's own Knowledge Base article which lists all the configuration options, methods, and some example usages
  3. There is an extensive Javascript Doc (only available to registered users), which details all of the methods and classes used in the toolkit
  4. There is a one page reference to all SPARK UI documentation here
  5. Chapter 4 of the IBM Redbook, Deliver Modern UI for IBM BPM with the Coach Framework and Other Approaches, provides detailed information and best practices for the SPARK UI Toolkit.

Also, don't forget about the Salient Support forums and the How-To videos!

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