How To Submit a Ticket to Salient Process Support

When faced with an issue in a Spark control that may be a potential defect, Enterprise users with an account at have the ability to submit a ticket.

Note: Non-Enterprise subscribers that attempt to submit a ticket will receive an email notification stating the ticket has been auto-closed. All other users should direct their questions to the Salient Process Forum located at

How to Submit a Ticket

An account can be created by selecting the Register menu option at the top of the page. Or simply login If an account has already been registered with Salient Process. Please keep in mind, non-enterprise customers will not be able to submit tickets.



Once logged in, hover over the Get Help menu option at the top of the page. A tool-tip will appear with 4 different options. Select the Submit a Ticket option. 



The page will be redirected to the Submit a Request page, where the required information for submitting a potential defect should be entered. 


Ticket Submission Requirements

  • Provide: details regarding BPM Version, Spark Version, Browser used, and other pertinent information that will facilitate solving the problem
  • Provide: screenshots of console errors experienced, the interface at run-time, the human service within the designer, the coach, code, etc.
  • Provide : thorough and detailed reproduction steps 


  • Author: Elliot Pytosky
  • Date Created: February 10, 2017
  • Date Modified: February 10, 2017
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